Perspectiva Psicologico

Tur Diasabra cuminsando 11:00 di mainta ,... Un programa educativo dedica na e salud mental en general

hunto cu Aldrich & Diana

Music Maniacs

All the top new hits brought to you by Dj Dyllan Ft. Lady Laura

Every Saturday at 9:00pm Local Aruba Time

The Pirate Shack

Will take you on a musical journey through the territorial waters of Aruba,... The Pirate Shack is Live every Monday, Wednesday and Friday starting at 9pm (-4 GMT) Local Aruba Time,...  with Capt. Al

So It Goes Live

With Rick & Theo

A Teen Dj, playing music for Teens

A Dutch program with Dutch humor,....

Every Tuesday from 7 - 9pm

Rick & Theo,... Theo & Rick

So it Goes Live!!!

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Belinda de Veer

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